7 Digit LED Score display for Bally or Stern Pinball - Set of 5 - Fully Assembled

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Stunning bright LEDS in  Yellow or  White colours bring some special bling to your pinball machine.

Designed and manufactured in Australia by "Tangles' Pin Parts", this display unit will replace the Bally AS-2518-58 and Stern A-645 7-digit displays used on many machines from approximately 1980 to 1986. Parts used in this assembly have been sourced through reliable channels to ensure highest quality.

This unit comes fully assembled. No soldering is required. No modifications are needed to your pinball machine. This display units uses only the 5-volt supply. The high voltage supply is not used. This means this display will operate even if the high voltage circuitry is faulty or has been disabled. 

Supplied with installation instructions and light shrouds.

Compatible with Stern and Bally 7 Digit displays. 

Compatible with Stern Games
Big Game 1980
Catacomb 1981
Cheetah 1980
Dragonfist 1982
Flight 2000 1980
Freefall 1981
Iron Maiden 1981
Lightning 1981
Nine Ball 1980
Orbitor 1 1982
Quicksilver 1980
Seawitch 1980
Split Second 1981
Viper 1981

Compatible with Bally Games
Beat The Clock 1985
Black Pyramid 1984
BMX 1983
Centaur 1981
Centaur II 1983
Cybernaut 1985
Eight Ball Champ 1985
Eight Ball Deluxe 1981
Eight Ball Deluxe 1984
Eight Ball Deluxe Limited Edition 1982
Elektra 1981
Embryon 1981
Fathom 1981
Fireball Classic 1984
Fireball II 1981
Flash Gordon 1981
Frontier 1980
Kings of Steel 1984
Lady Luck 1986
Medusa 1981
Mr & Mrs Pacman 1982
Rapid Fire 1982
Skateball 1980
Speakeasy 1982
Speakeasy 4 1982
Spectrum 1982
Spy Hunter 1984
Vector 1982
Xenon 1980
X's & O's 1984

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