10 way Opto driver board for Williams/Bally A-15430

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This 10 way opto driver board is a drop in, fully compatible replacement PCB for the original part A-15430.  The original part suffers from overheating issues which have been addressed in this new board design.

  • Power resistors get wider spacing
  • Power resistors are mounted off the board on ceramic spacers.
  • Power resistors get extra cooling holes.
  • Copper back plane designed to draw heat away from the power resistors.

This part has been manufactured to Tangles' strict quality guidelines.  Parts are sourced through reputable top tier suppliers. 

There are two versions of this board: flat and vertical.

The Flat mount board  is mounted flat using four nylon mounting posts (supplied).  The board is an identical size to the original and will screw into place with only the need of a Phillips screw driver.

Compatible with the following machines:
  • Dr Who
  • Indianna Jones
  • Bram Stroker’s Dracula
  • Popeye
  • Pinball Circus

The Vertical mount board has a wider PCB for attaching to the metal vertical mount brackets (not supplied).  Compatible with original Williams/Bally part numbers A-15430, A-20246, & A-18159-1.
  • Bram Stokers Dracula 
  • Dr. Who 
  • Indiana Jones 
  • Pinball Circus 
  • Popeye 
  • Cactus Canyon 
  • Corvette 
  • Monster Bash 
  • Medival Madness 
  • Revenge From Mars 
  • SafeCracker 
  • Star Wars Eposode 1
  • Shadow 
  • World Cup Soccer 

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