LED Score display for Bally or Stern Pinball 6 Digit KIT - Set of 5

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Set of five (x5)  6-Digit Display KIT

Note:  This kit contains 5 complete sets of the items shown in the photos.

Replacing Bally part number AS-2518-21 and Stern part number A-434. When constructed, these modules will slide into the existing mounting brackets of the pinball machine and connect simply onto the 20-Way “Molex” connectors.  Based on the popular Tangles LED Displays (Fully Constructed), this kit offers the technically curious a fun way to improve the look of their pinball machine.

Using all through-hole parts, this kit does require some experience with soldering.  

Comprehensive instructions and a step by step photo library are provided to assist.   

You may preview the assembly manual here:

Stunning bright amber LEDs will add "bling" to your favourite pinball machine!

Designed in Australia by "Tangles' Pin Parts", this display unit will replace the Bally A5-2518-21 and Stern A-434 6-digit displays used on many machines from approximately 1977 to 1986. Parts used in this assembly have been sourced through reliable channels to ensure highest quality.

No modifications are needed to your pinball machine. This display units uses only the 5-volt supply. The high voltage supply is not used. This means this display will operate even if the high voltage circuitry is faulty or has been disabled. 

Supplied with a comprehensive (29 page) construction manual and light shrouds.

Compatible with Stern and Bally 6 Digit displays. 

Stern PN A-434
Ali 1980 
Dracula 1979 
Galaxy 1980 
Hot Hand 1979 
Lectronamo 1978 
Magic 1979 
Memory Lane 1978 
Meteor 1979 
Nugent 1978 
Pinball 1977 
Stars 1978 
Stingray 1977 
Trident 1979 
Wildfyre 1978

Bally PN AS-2518-21
Black Jack 1978 
Dolly Parton 1979 
Eight Ball 1977 
Evil Knievel 1977 
Freedom 1977 
Future Spa 1979 
Goldball 1983 
Grand Slam 1983 
Harlem Globetrotters 1979 
Hotdoggin 1980 
Kiss 1979 
Lost World 1978 
Mati Hari 1978 
Mystic 1980 
Night Rider 1977 
Nitro Groundshaker 1980 
Paragon 1979 
Playboy 1978 
Power Play 1978 
Rolling Stones 1980 
Silverball Mania 1980 
Six Million Dollar Man 1978 
Space Invaders 1980 
Star Trek 1979 
Strikes and Spares 1978 
Supersonic 1979 
Viking 1980 
Voltan 1979

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