Theatre of Magic - Trunk Fix Kit

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This kit provides a fix for the Theatre of Magic "Trunk Error". 

The fix is made by combining a Tangles Smart Eddy board with a Tangles DC Motor Control board. The newly designed Eddy and motor boards have an interconnect feature allowing the motor drive board to block signals from the eddy. This functionality provides a fix for the software bug in ToM which can cause the trunk to "Lock Up" if a hit is registered whilst the trunk is rotating.

Kit includes:
1 x TPP-1023 - Tangles’ Smart Eddy board
1 x TPP-1029 Tangles’ DC Motor Control Board
1 x interconnect cable

Additional Eddy boards can be added (recommended) for the Hocus Pocus magna save.

The Smart Eddy is a particularly favoured upgrade for Theatre of Magic due to its ability to effectively save balls from the out lanes where the original part often failed.  

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