TPP-1007 6 Digit Bally Stern LED Display set
TPP-1017 7 Digit Bally Stern LED Display set
TPP-1010 NVRAM for Stern and Bally Pinball Machines - replacing 5101
TPP-1011 NVRAM for Stern MPU-200 machines - replaces both 5101 chips
TPP-1012 Pinball 5101 NVRAM Dual CE - for Williams System 3-7 and Gottlieb System 80/A/B
TPP-1020 Monster Motion Board for Sega Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Replaces 520-5113-00
TPP-1023 Smart Eddy - for ToM, SS, RS and STNG
TPP-1025 Bally / Stern Rectifier Board - Replaces AS-2518-18 and TA-100
TPP-1026 Lamp / LED Driver Board for Bally and Stern games
TPP-1035 Pin2Sub Isolated Unversal - Pinball Sub-Woofer Adapter
TPP-1036 Three-way Audio Mixer - for use with the TPP-1035 Pin2Sub adapter
TPP-1038 Twilight Zone - Trough Proximity (eddy) Sensor
TPP-1039 Theatre of Magic - Trunk Fix Kit
TPP-1040 Smart Eddy - Monster Bash