Twilight Zone - Trough Proximity (Eddy) Sensor - Replaces A-16534 and A-16528 (Switch 26)

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Part Number:TPP-1038
New trough eddy board for Twilight Zone.  This board features a redesign of the eddy circuitry and offers improved sensitivity and reliability over the original A-16534.


  • Includes new sensor coil
  • Includes sensor metal bracket
  • Multi-turn adjustment - allows precise and reliable calibration
  • Better detection distance over the original part.
  • Soldered wires on the detector board.
  • Revised and improved circuit design over the original.
  • Highest quality parts and manufacturing processes.

This product is complete with the sensor board and metal mounting bracket.

The new board is drop in compatible with the original and is supplied with 4 new nylon mounting posts. 

The improved sensitivity of this board allows the sensor coil to be mounted further from the balls in the trough. This reduces the incidence of smashed sensors (the biggest problem on the original board).

The detection sensor provided here has soldered wires to alleviate the problems found on the original board where the Molex connectors are vibrated so severely (on the detector board) they fail.

You can download the manual here:

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