Smart Eddy Board -Monster Bash - a re-designed “Eddy” proximity detector

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Part Number:TPP-1040

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Eddy sensor and harness TPP-1066 (A17064) [+AU $15.00]
The ‘Smart Eddy – Monster Bash’ (Part Num-ber TPP-1040) board is a variant of the popular Tangles Smart Eddy designed for use on the game Monster Bash. It is a modern re-design of the original part number A-22149-1.

Replace your missing, broken or unreliable A-22149-1 boards with TPP-1040 to revive the phantom flip feature. The TPP-1040 will give a reliable, long service to your MB machine.

The TPP-1040 is drop in compatible with the original part, using the same mounting holes. The board is supplied with 4 new nylon mounting posts.

Installation is a simple matter of installing the board with the 4 original screws and connecting the 2 wire sensor cable to J1 and the 4 wire power/signal cable to J2.

The Smart Eddy boards utilise an auto calibration feature. This feature is activated each time the machine is turned on.

Download manual here :

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